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Kwik Tan Barnsley

Looking for a sunbed in Barnsley? Kwik Tan has you covered. Our convenient town centre location is perfect for popping in when you’re out shopping – no appointment necessary!

You’ll find our sunbed shop in Barnsley on Cheapside, in the town centre – it’s a real hidden gem. It’s located inside Admiral Slots – head to the back of the store and you will find us located on the first floor. It’s also right next to The Alhambra Shopping Centre, where you can shop ‘til you drop at stores including TK Maxx, Primark, and Next. What’s more, you can park for free in the multi-storey car park for easy access to Kwik Tan.

We’re the place to be for convenient tanning – you can walk in, no need to book an appointment! If you don’t have your tanning lotion, you can stock up while you’re here.

New to Kwik Tan or sunbed tanning? No need to worry – we’ve got everything you need for a pleasant experience and a bronzed glow. Ahead of your first visit, check out our new customer guide so you know what’s what. Then, once you get here, you’ll have access to our lovely tanning experts, who’ll be on hand whenever you need them.

If you have any queries about tanning, our sunbeds, or our membership? Check out our FAQs.

  • Ergoline 1600

    The Ergoline Prestige 1600 model is packed with a range of features to make your tanning experience more enjoyable. For added comfort, this unit includes adjustable facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and cooling mists. You can also take advantage of the Bluetooth speakers and captivating light show while experiencing the rejuvenating effects of the red beauty lights.

    With an optional voice guide and refreshing aqua mists that evoke a spa-like atmosphere, you’ll be surrounded by luxury as you bask in the 52 body lamps. This is without a doubt an unbeatable tanning experience that caters for all your needs.

  • Ultrasun Q10

    The Ultrasun Q10 is a timeless tanning bed that stands out for its small form factor and generous interior. Its ability to create a perfect tan ranks above any other product in its class, making it the ultimate choice for those who want to get an unbeatable sun-kissed glow.

  • Power Tower

    The Power Tower sunbed is the perfect choice for those looking to get a golden tan. The Power Tower is a vertical tanning bed exclusive to Kwik Tan. The benefits of the Power Tower include an overhead cooling system, 360-degree tanning, and 60 tanning tubes.

Standard Bed Pricing – Ultasun Q10 & Power Tower

  • 6 Minutes £3.60
  • 9 Minutes £5.40
  • 12 Minutes £7.20
  • 45 Minutes (Block Booking) £18.00

Premium Bed Pricing  – Ergoline 1600

  • 6 Minutes £5.40
  • 12 Minutes £8.10
  • 16 Minutes £10.80
  • 45 Minutes (Block Booking) £27.00
  • Monday Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday Open 24 hours
  • Thursday Open 24 hours
  • Friday Open 24 hours
  • Saturday Open 24 hours
  • Sunday Open 24 hours

You’ll find a huge 11 tanning units inside our sunbed shop in Barnsley, with a range of stand-up and lie-down units to choose from. All our sunbeds come in private rooms.

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8-10 Cheapside
South Yorkshire
S70 1RU

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