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This weightless, cooling formula will keep you comfortable during your sunbed session while delivering outstanding results. It’s designed to work with men’s hard-to-moisturise skin, but it’s also a saviour for drier skin types.


  • 251ml bottle
  • 15ml sample

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Avocado extract

The nourishing fatty acids in avocado extract will help soothe redness – perfect if your skin is prone to it. It’ll stop your skin from reddening and prevent irritation from tanning and razor burn.

Ginkgo biloba

This almost magical ingredient has a host of benefits. It’ll smooth out roughness in the skin, and it has antioxidant properties that will keep your skin cells healthy and soothed. It retains moisture, perfectly prepping your skin for a glowing tan.

Tamanu oil

Tamanu is a powerful skin regenerator. Not only will it prevent wrinkles from appearing, but it also disguises stretch marks and scars. On top of all this, it helps to fight blemishes and moisturises dry skin!

Matrixyl Synthe 6™

Another anti-ageing superstar, Matrixyl Synthe 6™ is a powerful peptide that helps your skin produce collagen – the key to youthful skin. It’ll prevent wrinkles and fine lines by tightening and firming your skin.

FreshTek™ and cooling agents

Do you get hot and sweaty while tanning? FreshTek™ technology and cooling agents will prevent sweating by cooling down and deodorising your body while you get that golden glow.


If all the above wasn’t enough, this formula is enriched with youth-boosting AcquaCell™. This natural complex contains fruit extracts, including watermelon rind, which contains a compound that reduces wrinkles and mimics your skin’s own moisture barrier for perfectly plump skin.

SunXTend™ and colour protection

Not only does Devoted Creations’ patented SunXTend™ blend protect your tan, but the formula also contains ingredients that protect your tattoo colour, too. No more worrying about compromising your tattoos for a tan.

The Devoted Creations H.I.M Fit is a bronzer-free tan accelerator, meaning it’ll speed up how quickly you tan without the addition of any colourants.

H.I.M Fit has been specifically formulated to tan and hydrate men’s notoriously stubborn skin, so it’s perfect for male tanners, but it can also be used by people with a number of skin concerns.

If you find that you get uncomfortable while tanning – whether that’s because you’re sweating, or your skin is getting irritated – this is the lotion for you. The cooling, deodorising formula will keep you comfortable during your session.

Avocado extract helps to reduce redness in your skin, as well as irritation caused by outside factors like razor burn, leaving it in perfect condition for tanning!

This unique blend of ingredients delivers powerful results for your skin – tamanu oil, AcquaCell™, ginkgo biloba, and caffeine extract will fight wrinkles while firming and tightening your skin for the most youthful glow possible.

This formula also protects tattoos from fading. If you have tattoos but you don’t need a cooling lotion, why not try the White 2 Bronze Ink tanning lotion?

Why use a tanning lotion?

Tanning lotions are essential to getting a gorgeously deep tan quickly. They hydrate your skin, which is essential to making your tan last longer.

Increase your tanning results by 60%

Kick start the tanning process within 1 minute

Moisturised skin absorbs the UV rays

Keeps your skin soft and maintain a healthy glow


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