Our Sunbeds and
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Kwik Tan has a range of sunbeds to choose from at our tanning salons.

We have both standing and lie-down sunbeds, so you can choose based on the experience you’re after.

We’re constantly investing in the latest tanning technologies, so you know you’ll get the best experience and the most stunning bronzed glow when you visit Kwik Tan.


Our tanning rooms

When tanning, privacy is essential. That’s why all of our sunbeds come in their own private rooms. You get a comfortable, relaxing, and private experience in every single Kwik Tan salon. We also have audio alarm systems to keep you safe and secure while you’re in our salons.

Our tanning lamps

We invest in the safest and most innovative tanning technology to offer you the best experience possible. All of our sunbeds boast hybrid tanning technology – this combines red light therapy and our 0.3-compliant sunbed tubes to give you a safe tan with added skincare benefits!

Our sunbeds

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Kwik Tan sunbeds! Here’s everything we have available.

Standing sunbeds

These top-of-the-range sunbeds are exclusive to Kwik Tan – you won’t find them anywhere else, but you will find them in most of our salons.

With 60 tanning tubes, Power Towers promise a 360° tanning experience – every inch of you will be bronzed and glowing! The overhead body breeze cooling system will keep you comfortable while you tan.

As well as sturdy grab rails for easy access and all-over tanning, Power Towers come with a unique hygienic flooring structure, which means it doesn’t need rubber matting!

The Mega Sun Space Hybrid sunbed is a fusion of the Space 3000 and the Hybrid Thunder, offering you an unparalleled tanning experience. With user-friendly controls, a refreshing body fan, a built-in sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and the powerful Mega Voice feature, you’ll be immersed in comfort and convenience.

This state-of-the-art sunbed features the same tube combination as all our other beds, ensuring consistent and effective tanning results. Additionally, it boasts red light therapy and 0.3 compliant lamps, providing a holistic tanning and skin-rejuvenating experience.

Lie-down sunbeds

If a relaxing experience is important to you when tanning, look no further than the Ergoline Affinity 700. As well as many of the Affinity 660 features, including adjustable facial tanners and a voice guide, the 700 comes with spa features.

Feel refreshed with an aqua mist spray that releases intermittently to keep you comfortable. You can also use the aromatherapies feature to release relaxing fragrances for an unrivalled ambience (plus, it gets rid of any after-tan odours!)

For an extra vitamin D and acne-fighting boost, the Ergoline Affinity 700 comes with seven extra UVB tubes!

The ultimate all-round tanning experience, the Ergoline Prestige 1600 offers everything. Bask in the 52 body lamps – as well as four facial tanners and two shoulder tanners – while taking advantage of the anti-ageing, youth-boosting red beauty lights that come as standard. Your skin cells will rejuvenate while they bronze – what more could you ask for?

The Ergoline Prestige also comes with the spa experience, so you can indulge in soothing scents and cooling aqua mists while your skin gets the VIP treatment. Combine this with your favourite playlist using the Bluetooth speakers and mesmerising lights for an unforgettable experience.

You’ll find other classic Ergoline features in this Prestige 1600 model, including adjustable facial tanners (and the addition of special shoulder tanners), an optional voice guide, and cooling features.

Looking for a specific and tailored tan? The megaSun 7800 Hybrid gives you the option of three settings so you can choose your perfect tan:

  • Basic – this gives you equal amounts of UVA and UVB rays for a balanced tan
  • Mediterranean – this boosts the UVA rays you get for faster tanning
  • Caribic – this increases UVB rays for a deeper tan (and stimulates your body’s production of vitamin D)

This sunbed also comes with a glass facial system that improves the light spectrum around your face to deliver a skincare boost.

This sunbed shares its DNA with Porsche cars – yes, really! Designed by Porsche, the megaSun P9 series has some of the most innovative tanning technology in existence.

The unique glass lens in this sunbed distributes the UV rays evenly, which reduces distortion and promises a flawless, even-all-over tan.

The SunSphere© system reduces the unwanted heat that usually comes with sunbeds by eliminating unwanted infrared radiation. It activates the right wavelengths of UV light only, especially in the facial, shoulder, and leg areas – often the most difficult places to tan.

The megaSun P9 series uses blue UVB LEDs with yellow UVB light to stimulate and build your tan and to boost your body’s vitamin D production. This, combined with LED red beauty lights, gives you your best bronze and the most glowing skin you’ve ever had.

The Luxura X7 is an outstanding option for new tanners and those who love a relaxing, spa-like tanning experience. This sunbed has a contoured base that fits around your body perfectly.

You’ll be guided through the whole process with the voice guide, and the control panel is straightforward – even if it’s your first sunbed session.

There’s a choice of eight heating and cooling settings, including the Qsens water mist that you can spritz every two minutes, so you can tailor the temperature to your liking.

Xsens aromatherapies provide the ultimate spa experience.

The Q10 Ultrasun is a timeless option that provides comfort, support, and of course a gorgeous tan.

Recharge yourself in one of the most comfortable sunbeds around, basking in the cocoon-like canopy of this model. You’ll get a 360° tan thanks to the bevelled base and 38 tanning lamps.

You can adjust the three additional facial tanners in the Q10 Ultrasun, as well as the fan speed, to give yourself a personalised tan and experience.

Now that you know everything about our sunbeds, why not see which tanning lotion is best for you?

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