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A luxuriously rich body butter designed to hydrate the driest of skin while activating a natural dark tan. This amazing blend of nutrients, vitamins, and peptides gives your skin an anti-ageing boost on top of a stunning tan.


  • 251ml Bottle
  • 15ml Sachet

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About this Product

Carrot helio oil

Anti-inflammatory carrot helio oil will soothe even the most reactive skin while protecting it from sun damage. Carrot helio oil will even reduce the appearance of blemishes and scarring.

Carrot oil

Not to be confused with carrot helio oil, carrot oil is a natural tanning accelerator. These powerhouses combine to deliver amazing tan results without compromising dry or sensitive skin. Carrot oil, when combined with tyrosine, naturally accelerates and deepens your tan thanks to high levels of beta carotene. It’s especially good for the skin on your neck and face and can help to balance moisture levels.

Shea butter

Shea butter is known for being one of the best skin moisturisers in existence. It includes fatty acids found in our skin that’ll improve your skin’s barrier and soften it. This forms the base of the Karat Original tanning butter.

Vitamin A

Renowned for being a skin cell rejuvenator, vitamin A helps your skin produce healthy new cells. It’s the key to a youthful glow, and it also reduces breakouts – the perfect combination!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E works alongside youth-boosting vitamin A to deeply nourish your skin. Its antioxidant properties will help you to fight free radical damage, giving you baby-soft skin while you tan.

Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™

Peptides are massively important for our skin to produce collagen – the mainstay of plump, youthful skin. This advanced peptide delivers amazing results, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Turn back time while you tan.

Aloe vera

If you’ve ever slathered on an aloe vera gel after a day in the sun, you’ll understand why it’s hailed as nature’s “cure-all”. It naturally moisturises your skin and soothes any irritation from tanning. Studies have found that using aloe vera long-term can improve your skin’s youthful elasticity.

Karat Original tanning butter is a tan accelerator, meaning it’ll speed up the process of your tan developing while deeply hydrating your skin.

Find out more about the different types of tanning lotions

If you suffer from extremely dry, sensitive skin, this is the lotion for you – its shea butter formula will quench thirsty skin without irritation.

Carrot helio oil not only intensifies a dark tan, but it’s also an anti-inflammatory. This combination with shea butter makes this tanning lotion perfect for people who deal with eczema or psoriasis.

If you’re looking for an added boost of bronzer, check out the Karat Bronzer.

Why use a tanning lotion?

Tanning lotions are essential to getting a gorgeously deep tan quickly. They hydrate your skin, which is essential to making your tan last longer.

Increase your tanning results by 60%

Kick start the tanning process within 1 minute

Moisturised skin absorbs the UV rays

Keeps your skin soft and maintain a healthy glow

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