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Go to Black lotion is ideal for anyone seeking a natural and effective tanning solution. Whether you're a tanning enthusiast looking for a sun-kissed glow or someone with sensitive skin, this lotion is a great go-to.


  • 350ml Bottle
  • 15ml Sachet

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About this product


Tyrosine is the champion of all accelerators. This powerhouse ingredient stimulates the natural activation of melanin, ensuring your tan develops swiftly and effectively.

Carrot Oil

Joining forces with Tyrosine, Carrot Oil enhances the tanning process and ensures your skin will achieve a beautiful sun-kissed hue.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to kickstart the production of new skin cells, unveiling your skin’s true potential and leaving you with a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant nourishes and shields your skin, ensuring it remains supple and beautifully protected during your tanning journey.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is added to this lotion for an extra nourishing touch. It will leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed and can also combat acne and pamper sensitive skin.

Go To Black is an effective accelerator and a fantastic all-rounder that can cater for anyone.

Why use a tanning lotion?

Tanning lotions are essential to getting a gorgeously deep tan quickly. They hydrate your skin, which is essential to making your tan last longer.

Increase your tanning results by 60%

Kick start the tanning process within 1 minute

Moisturised skin absorbs the UV rays

Keeps your skin soft and maintain a healthy glow


We aim to provide a clean, safe, friendly tanning experience.

Established in 2001, with our first salon in, Durham, we have over ten years of tanning experience which gives us the confidence to offer the best quality products, and service, in the most convenient locations.

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