As a member facility you can be confident you’re receiving all the advice, information and support you need to achieve your tan in a responsible and controlled environment.


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    Don’t Use Sunbeds if

    You are under 18 years of age. We will request ID from all Kwik Tan members who appear under the age of 25, please don’t be offended. You shouldn’t use sunbeds either if you’re pregnant or think you might be. Equally if you have an excessive number of moles (over 50) or have anyone in your immediate family who has had skin cancer you should avoid using our beds. There are 1-2 other medical issues that may prevent you tanning but our expert staff are on hand to work through these with you when you sign up.

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    Before Using a Sunbed

    Using a sunbed is a quick, convenient and easy process but there are a couple of things to ensure before visiting your Kwik Tan salon. Never consume alcohol or illegal substances prior to using a sunbed and always stick to the recommended exposure time for your skin type – we’ll help you establish this when you join. Kwik Tan provide wink-ease eye protectors free of charge and these should be worn at all times during the UV tanning. You should also make sure you drink plenty of water before using our product.

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    While Using the Sunbed

    Tanning sessions should be built up gradually as parts of the body less exposed to the sun will require shorter session times e.g. under the arms, sides of the torso. Once inside our locked rooms and changed you should use the sanitiser available to wipe down the bed and remove all jewellery. If using stand up equipment, stand in the centre of the chamber facing the doorway with your arms above you on the handstraps. No oils are permitted as they’re dangerous to you and the equipment. Kwik Tan supply a range of tanning lotions designed to improve your results.

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    After Using the Sunbed

    You should wait a minimum of 24 hours before your next tanning session or before bathing in natural sunlight. If you experience any redness you should wait until these have disappeared before commencing on your next session. We recommend that you moisturise your skin thoroughly to achieve optimum results and our range of tanning lotions can help to maximise the effect of our beds. If you suffer any abnormal reactions to your tanning time during or after the session you should stop immediately and seek medical advice.