Beaches and Creme Black Bronzer


Sachet 22ml
Bottle 250ml
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Beaches and Crème Black Bronzer is a fabulous solution for those who need to even out your colour and add tone to those areas that may be a little harder to tan. This lotion is a nourishing bronzer and can be used to enhance your radiant tone.


  • 250ml Bottle
  • 22ml Sachet

About this product

Carrot Oil

Carrot oil encourages melanin production, balances your moisture levels and helps with anti-aging. This popular ingredient is a natural tan accelerator which can also heal dry and chapped skin in the process.


Tyrosine increases melanin production, which can darken the skin’s pigmentation and provide you with optimum UV tanning results. It also firms and conditions the skin and contributes to overall skin protection.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a nourishing natural anti-inflammatory, helping to treat acne and dry skin. This key ingredient will provide you with a boost of hydration and leave your skin feeling soothed and smooth.

Mushroom extract

Snow mushroom is nature’s best moisturising ingredient. It provides maximum hydration, but it can also brighten and plump your skin for ultimate conditioning.

Oolong Tea

Rich in antioxidants, oolong tea helps to brighten and condition your skin, while also improving colour.

It can also help combat acne and fight signs of aging, leaving your skin feeling radiantly healthy.