Beaches and Crème All-In-One Intensifying Serum


Sachet 22mml
Bottle 250ml
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Beaches and Crème All-In-One Intensifying Serum is a powerful accelerator. Crafted with PH balancing peptides, Red Light Therapy, Tyrosine, and Carrot Oil, by using this serum you can immerse yourself in its velvety soft texture and let your skin revel in the ultimate pampering session.


  • 250ml Bottle
  • 22ml Sachet

About this product


Unlocking the power of tyrosine, a hidden gem in tanning products, accelerates melanin production, guaranteeing a quicker, deeper sun-kissed glow. Attain your desired bronzed complexion with enhanced efficiency and a richer shade.

Carrot Oil

Combining Tyrosine with Carrot Oil intensifies Melanin production, ensuring excellent tanning outcomes. Abundant in Vitamin A, it nurtures your skin, granting you with a luminous, youthful radiance.