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What are your COVID-19 safety measures?
We’re really setting the sTANdard when it comes to COVID-19 security in our salons. You’ll find a controlled entry on arrival, so only an appropriate level of customers can be in the salon at one time to help maintain social distancing. Don’t worry! Any queue will be quick because we benefit from private tanning rooms throughout. The only short wait will be while you pay or register to use our service. We’ve installed hand sanitiser on entry and throughout and increasing cleaning in our salons. In each room, sanitiser is available to clean down the beds and room touchpoints before and after use meaning you can be extremely confident to visit Kwik Tan.
I'm new to Kwik Tan, what should I expect when I arrive?

Click HERE to find out 🙂

I have lost my Membership Card, what can I do?

A replacement Membership Card costs just £1 and is available from your nearest salon. Minutes from the account will be transferred to your new account. If you are worried someone else may be using your card, you can contact the salon directly and ask one of our Tanning Advisors to suspend the card.

Can I use my Membership Card in any Kwik Tan salon?

Unfortunately, not. However, you can be a member of as many salons as you like, and use the latest Kwik Tan technology in two, three or even more salons! Each and every time you sign up to a new Kwik Tan salon, you can take advantage of our new member offers!

How long should I go on the sunbed for?

We offer 6, 9 and 12-minute sessions in every salon, with 15 and 20-minute sessions available on specialist sunbeds. You can choose to go on the sunbed for as many minutes as you like, however we do advise that you follow your recommended exposure time, suitable for your skin type, as recognised on your induction. Our specialised sunbeds are on for a set amount of time, normally 20 minutes, however the UV rays adjust depending on your skin type and they do so by scanning your skin first.

Please note, if your skin has not been exposed to UV rays in 3-4 months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we strongly advise reducing your tanning time for the first few sessions. You can then gradually increase your tanning time once your skin has adjusted.

What Tanning Lotions are available to buy and how much are they?

We offer the best tanning lotions on the market! We have a variety of lotions, suitable for all skin types, including Tan Accelerators, Bronzing Lotions and Tingle Creams. We also offer lotions that are Paraben Free too. Not sure which lotion is suitable for your skin type? Ask one of our dedicated Tanning Advisors or VIEW our Lotions Catalogue. Prices start from just £1.70 for sachets and £12.00 for lotion bottles.

Which is the best Tanning Lotion?

All lotions increase your tanning results by 60%. By applying a lotion with Tyrosine, the melanin comes to the surface of your skin much quicker than when you don’t use a tanning lotion (which is what you need to happen to get a tan), putting your skin in FAST TAN MODE. For the most suitable tanning lotion for your skin type, ask one of our dedicated Tanning Advisors.

Where is my nearest Kwik Tan salon?

We have over 40 salons across England, to find your nearest salon, click HERE

I had credit before lockdown, will my minutes remain on my account when you reopen?

Yes! Any credit held on your account before we closed on 21st March will remain when we reopen on 13th July 2020.

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