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Kwik Tan’s 0.3 tubes are the equivalent to the Mediterranean Sun.

UVA & UVB emitted from the sunbed are the same rays produced by the Sun.

Just 25% of your recomended exposure time is enough to top up your levels of Vitamin D

Lotions increase tanning results by 60%.

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what it’s like to tan with us


if you’re tanning for a Holiday

Here’s our top tips to getting a golden glow before you go!

  • When you first start using the sunbeds, we recommended that you have 8 to 10 sessions over a two-week period, following your recommended exposure time.
  • Use a tanning lotion. The sunbeds UV rays reflect off dry skin, so by keeping your skin moisturised, the rays can be absorbed quicker, putting your skin into FAST TAN MODE.
  • Exfoliate weekly to remove any dead skin cells, and moisturise daily, in between each tanning session to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Remember to pack 1) Sun Protection, to avoid damaging your beautifully bronzed skin cells. 2) Shower Oil, to lock in the moisture whilst you shower, and 3) Water, it’s important to keep those skin cells hydrated from the inside too!
if you’re tanning for a Special occasion

Be the best dressed guest... clothes or no clothes!

  • Event only 2 weeks away? Dont worry, Kwik Tan have got it covered! We recommend that 4 to 5 sunbeds within a week, whilst using tanning lotion, is enough to get a natural basetan!
  • Using a tanning lotion increases your tanning results by 60%! We offer the best tanning lotions on the market and if it’s an instant colour you’re looking for, try using a bronzing tanning lotion such as Golden Brown Sugar.
  • Shimmer and Bronze! Use an illuminating face and body shimmer to accentuate your summer skin on the big day!
  • Traditionally you can’t wear white at a wedding, but you can wear any light colour, Show off your glow by wearing a pale coloured outfit next to your bronzed skin.
if you’re tanning because you Generally like to be tanned

Follow our tanning ‘to-do’s’ and keep your golden brown tan all year round!

  • Got your base tan? Now’s the time to TUTT! Top-Up-The-Tan regulary with weekly visits to Kwik Tan. Just 2 sunbed sessions a week, using a tanning lotion, is enough to keep your tan tip top!
  • Maximise your glow by using a lotion with Tyrosine! Tyrosine encourages the melanin in your skin to come to the surface, which is what we need it to do to create a tan, increasing your tanning results by 60%!.
  • Tyrosine isn’t just in lotion’s, it’s in your food too! Certain foods such as turkey, salmon, avocado and almonds, are all considered to be rich in Tyrosine. Eating thse alongside using a lotion on your sunbed session, encourages melanin production and consequently your tan too!
if you’re tanning for health benefits or a skin condition

We’ve got the remedy to help keep your skin free from irritation!

  • No Parabens Here! Ask your tanning advisor about our Paraben Free Lotions. These will sooth the skin rather than irritate it if you currently experience angry skin.
  • We LOVE Vitamin D! Just 25% of your recommended exposure time is enough to keep your Vitamin D levels topped up, helping to recharge your antibodies and fight disease.
  • Suffer from Psoriasis? Then ‘Light Therapy’ may help to control your skin inflammations. UVA and UVB, both emitted from the sun and by sunbeds, can help to clear psoriasis. Bupa recommend ‘Light Therapy’ two to three times a week alongside Emollients and Topical Treatments.

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